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I purchased a older home in Tilton Illinois that had a bad odor in the heat ducts from previous owners pets. My home also did not heat very well in the winter months. CU Air Duct Cleaning performed a free video inspection and found the ducts were very dirty and my return flex duct was damaged inside the flex duct. CU Air Duct Cleaning were more than capable in handling my problems. Lou explained to me that my poor air circulation was from the damaged flex duct on the furnace return. My furnace was ok and only a couple years old.

After Cu cleaned the air duct supply and returns, cleaned all my registers with simple green and inside of my furnace re checked the ducts with video camera to make sure they were cleaned. The odor was gone and I had better air circulation. A day later Lou replaced the flex air duct return I had better air circulation. My experience with CU Air Duct Cleaning was excellent and I can’t think of anything negative. I was very happy with the thorough cleaning job on the air ducts and Cu had to drive 38 miles one way from Savoy to Tilton.

John B.

We bought a home in Champaign, and the previous owners had several cats. Due to serious cat allergies, we wanted to be sure there was not a build-up of cat hair, etc. in the air ducts that would cause problems. Not only did the air duct cleaning get rid of all cat-related smells, and particles, over 60 pounds of dry wall and construction materials in the ducts were also removed! We could not believe that so much could be ‘hiding’ in the ducts, especially in a house that passed a thorough home inspection and appeared to be incredibly well cared for overall. We opted to have the sanitizer in addition to the vent cleaning, and could not be happier with the results. Lou and his assistant provided outstanding service, and took the time to explain everything in terms that we could easily understand. The best part was looking at all the vents with the cool camera scope when everything was finished—the ducts looked brand new. Having the duct cleaning gave us a great deal of peace of mind when we moved into our new home. We recommend C-U Air Duct Cleaning to everyone we know, and cannot thank them enough for everything!

Ryan & Kathryn

CU Air Duct Cleaning performed a very thorough cleaning of my air ducts, there was no dust or debris left. Cu was very professional and careful. Cu did a video inspection before and after cleaning,removed cleaned and reinstalled all registers, cleaned air supplies and return ducts and accessible AHU components of the furnace. Cu cleaned my air dryer vent and dryer free and I purchased a washable electrostatic air filter.
My experience with CU Air Duct Cleaning was excellent. Lou is very knowledgeable about the HVAC business and can solve any problems.


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