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Hello and Thank You for visiting my website, my name is Louis Fincham and I have over 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry. I was a semi-retired and only working for “fun” when I found my own air ducts were dirty. In looking for a duct cleaning company I decided to start my own because I know it is a service that people need and something that is right up my HVAC alley! More than just a duct cleaner, I am the best problem solver in the air duct cleaning industry so I will not only video inspect then clean your air ducts I can seal them and do an air balance test to make sure your system is working at peak efficiency. We are also able to clean your dyer vent to extend the life of your dryer and more importantly prevent a dangerous dryer fire. I completed the Rotobrush factory training. I am a Certified Air Duct Cleaning Specialist in cleaning, & sanitizing air ducts. I have also been trained in duct sealing and dryer vent cleaning. Our mission at C U Air Duct Cleaning is to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible by providing the most expedient delivery of high quality work. Our goal is to be the best air duct cleaning company in the business.

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Will my house be less dusty, after you clean the air ducts?

Yes, the inside of your duct work is the equivalent of an extra room in your home that never gets dusted or vacuumed. When the furnace or air conditioner fan turns on, dust from the duct work gets churned up and blown into the rooms of your home.


Will air duct cleaning help my allergies?

Many people are allergic to dust mite waste. Dust mites feed on debris found in duct work. Remove the debris and you remove their food. Also, by greatly reducing particulate debris in your ducts, there are less dust particles and potential allergens in the air to aggravate those with respiratory illnesses.

I live in a new home. Do I still need your service?

Absolutely! Up to 50% of air duct system cleaning is done in homes that are less than five years old. During construction, the duct work is wide open and the air handler is running many times without a filter. During this time, construction debris such as pieces of plaster, drywall, wood, dust, insects and insulation, are accumulated in the duct work.

Does cleaning my dryer vent lower my energy bills?

Yes, by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned, your clothes dryer will run more efficiently. Your dryer will not have to run as long, lessening the wear and tear on your dryer, reducing your need for repair and lengthening the life of your dryer.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. C U Ai Duct Cleaning strives to provide the best service and prices in the Savoy area, give us a chance to show you how great we are!